The Smithssssss

I love The Smiths and somehow I have never heard this song before. This song is truly beautiful.

Rhye - sexieness and a new type of The XX

I have to postthese two songs and you have listen to them both. I love this band. I hear the XX, but a bit sweeter. I hear Sade but a bit more tough. I hear a very very nice sound. Electro, though subtle. The two producers, Canadion and Danish, try to stay on the background. I don’t mind as long as they release their full length album very soon.

SKIP&DIE dub, electro, ska, world = new festival act!

Seen and heard, but mainly experienced Skip&Die at Noorderslag. No idea what to expect, their show blew me over. If you have the chance to see them live…. That’s all I can say

Eighties are back with Frankie Rose

The best recommendations can be found in the traditional record store. Frankie Rose is such an example. Without giving away my musical preferences, the record seller suprised me with Frankie Rose. Love it. I also love this one by the way

Into the mood for some classical chords?

To dive into the inexhaustible library of classical music, in order to discover ‘new’ composers and compositions, is not always an easy job. Even the resume of my favourite worlwide known composers like Chopin and Rachmaninov are not fully explored by me (yet!). That is why, I was extremely excited when someone recommended me the composer Saint-Saëns and after I heard Le Carnival des Animaux for the first time. The complete version is worth listening too, go here